Little Happy Tails...Toy Sized Family Friendly Puppies...Located in Belding, Michigan



 I am proud to offer cute, healthy, and well socialized puppies to families and individuals! I strive to produce the best puppies possible.
I am a stay at home mom of seven children. I only breed toy sized dogs of good health and temperament! 
All my puppies come with a Money back health guarantee!
CASH payment only at time of pick up of puppy,
sorry no exceptions.
I do take a check or money order for Deposit only
when time allows for clearance of check.
NO Puppy leaves without payment in full.
Please feel free to call or email me and let me know what you are
looking for and if I cannot help you, I have friends that I can refer you to.
# 1. "I am proud to say that I stand on my own credentials!"
 # 2. "I do not need to put down others to make my self stand out."
# 3. "I do not bad mouth other breeders no matter if I disagree with their
breeding & raising practices."
As an Canine Husbandry Specialist, I do as much research as possible,
to be knowledgeable on making sure I am providing the healthiest
pet possible with an outstanding temperament.
Hybrid dogs tend to have less health concerns because you are mixing up the gene pool!
Many believe this results in a superior genetic foundation!
This is referred to as "hybrid vigor".
The results are a healthier, more vigorous dog with a reduced chance of genetic disease. Thus, a healthier happy pet for your family!
Please keep in mind that "non-shedding" is a term used to describe dogs
that shed very little hair at one time or another, like a human does.
 Non-shedding dogs do go through coat changes: from puppy coat to adult coat, and winter coat to spring coat. During this time their grooming needs may increase. You may need to brush them daily or have their coats trimmed down by a groomer to get through the change quicker. If you would like to check out a list of the non-shedding dogs and tips to help prevent shedding, check out info on the web.
 Please take a look at my puppy pages to see what is available and you may call me with any questions you may have about the puppies. 616-250-5894
CASH ONLY at pick up for payment & receipt given with Health Guarantee.
I do accept checks for deposit when time allows for clearance.
I am located 6 miles south of Greenville, Michigan on 10 acres.
We moved in the fall of 2013 to our old family homestead!
(45 mins. NE of Grand Rapids, MI)
(1hr NW of Lansing, MI)
(Just outside of Belding,MI)
(3 hrs from Detroit, MI)
Puppy Training Tips
To train a "small dog" puppy I suggest using/creating a safe
puppy play area! You just set up the puppy pen inside your
home. This will provide your puppy with everything he/she needs
 to be comfortable when you are home or at work. Within the pen
 make a sleeping area, play & toy area, food & water spot, and  
 a potty area with Wee Wee pads or newspapers.
 You can still train your puppy to go outside potty too when you 
 use the puppy pen. Using the pen makes puppy-hood much 
 easier and safer! Below see some examples of puppy pens.